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AI-powered operating system
for Real 

Reavant analyses contracts, extracts key data, and provides recommendations to optimize your portfolio.

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Visual New Generation Data Collection

"Lease contracts are the bloodline of  real estate business.​"

Product Features

Put Reavant to work. Accelerate value creation.

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Machine Learning for Real Estate

Fast set-up

No time-consuming set-up or implementation consultants needed.

Simply drag and drop your lease contracts.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence technology automatically extracts key data from Word, PDF

and scanned documents

Boost Productivity

For professionals who like to work smart and spend their time on high-value tasks.

Reavant automatically generates up-to-date rent rolls and lease summaries from your contracts.

Get answers to any questions about your contracts through a natural, conversational interface, eliminating the need to manually sift through documents.

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Unlock Hidden Value

Analyze your contract data to uncover overlooked opportunities for cost savings and value creation

Reavant is capable of deploying AI agents that can reason, plan and act upon.

Reavant's agents review your existing contracts, benchmarks them against your needs, and provides tailored recommendations to optimize terms and conditions that might have been overlooked.

Select Use Cases

Questions Reavant can answer

Fast & easy access to contract data without tedious document searches. 


Elevate your work to new heights

An intelligent AI Co-Pilot available to help your employees round-the-clock.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Reavant streamlines contract management through an intuitive chat interface, eliminating the need to dig through documents and systems. Get the data you need with just a few words.

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Positive ROI

Reavant delivers a positive return on investment, whether through man-hour savings or maximizing the full potential of your lease contracts.

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Focus on what matters

Delegate mundane tasks to Reavant and devote your time to optimizing your portfolio, nurturing key business relationships or even achieving better work-life balance.

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